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‘Grown Up Men Insulted Me On Live Radio After I Refused to Give My Num to Them’- Lydia Forson


Lydia Forson has revisited the time she was dissed on radio for refusing to give out her number to a ‘big’ man who had sent someone to come for it while he sat comfortably in his car.

The issue happened months ago but it seems the outspoken actress and filmmaker is yet to recover from the abuse hurled at her by two on-air personalities when they culled the story from her Facebook timeline and discussed it on air.

Hours ago, Lydia talked about the issue one more time and slammed the so-called intellectuals hiding behind “opinion” to push their jealousy and disdain for people because their format works and her laid out “perfect” method doesn’t.

She wrote;

I will never forget that grown men sat on radio to discuss how wrong I was for refusing to give my phone number to a stranger ( man). MY OWN NUMBER OOOOOOOO They called me all sorts of names including disrespectful, unlady like and lacking of manners.

They spewed venom like it was them I refused( maybe I triggered something) Yet these same men are paraded as some intellectuals with sense, sense??? 🤣

Y’all be hiding behind “opinion” to push your jealousy and disdain for people because their format works and your laid out “perfect” method doesn’t. The proof will always be in the results.

That’s why you will always be there to opinion people’s lives and others will be there to live it for you to opinion. And yes sometimes I wake up with random thoughts on my mind- and my mental burn list. It motivates me.



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