She blamed the incident on lawlessness in the country in a long Instagram post.

She wrote [unedited]: “I CAN JUST IMAGINE THE HEADLINE!!!

By Oheneyere Gifty Anti

This morning, for the first time in my 25 years of driving, I nearly knocked down someone on the motorway!!

Yesterday, I woke up to a shocking news of how a blogger had picked my face book post, meant to encourage struggling mothers and twisted the story, to suit an obvious agenda.

The blogger gave it the most scary headline, that made many loved ones panic. And wrote things I hadn’t even written in the post. Smh.

This morning, the devil reared his ugly head again.

I have lived in Tema all my life and have always used the motorway.

It’s sad how the motorway has now become a death zone, for both motorists and pedestrians!!

People now cross it anyhow. Trotro drivers have also created stations alongside it.

People just step in the middle of the motorway and stop speeding cars for people to cross. Where in the world does this happen?

One such person just stepped in the way and stopped me this morning. I nearly hit him.

I stepped on the break suddenly and thank God my domestic assistance was sitting at the back with my little girl and held her. Only God knows what would have happened.

If I had knocked down this person….. God forbid. If I had knocked down this person… … hmmmm. You can imagine the headlines, by people who weren’t even there and didn’t see exactly what happened.

I believe it is God who delivered me and the pedestrian from this near fatal accident.

But my question is when will laws enforcement work in this country? How do we watch for lawlessness on our roads to continue? Killing hundreds and thousands every year?

When will we, the citizens stop breaking the laws of the land and take our lives seriously? Smh.

I still believe in Ghana and I know this country can ‘work’ again!!

I am so traumatized and shaken. But like yesterday, I know I will be fine!!

When you pray, thank God for me.

Super Crazy Faith in God ‘accelerated’”.

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