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‘Ghanaian Musicians Brag And Talk too Much’- Kwabena Kwabena


Former serial hitmaker, Kwabena Kwabena- who seems to have lost his gloss after being overshadowed by the new crop of artistes representing the New School, has granted a new interview.

The High-life artiste talked to Graphic Showbiz about a wide range of issues in the entertainment industry including the unhealthy rivalry between artistes and how some artistes brag unnecessarily.

“In fact, any musician who sees another musician as a threat or his competitor is not creative. We should rather appreciate other musicians’ work and give them room to operate.

“The music industry is big for every musician to operate and I don’t see the reason why we should be competing among ourselves. A talented artiste appreciates other artistes and does not have problems with them,” disclosed.


“Inasmuch as these young ones are doing so well, they need to do more when it comes to their stage performances and good lyrics for their songs. It takes time to grow and I trust that with time, they will be fine. The young ones need encouragement rather than criticism. We all started like this but with determination and hard work we are here now. I learnt from the likes of Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba and Amakye Dede,” he stated.

“Our main aim as musicians is to make good quality music, not talking too much and bragging about what we mostly don’t even have. We talk too much, which I don’t get. We should stop talking and do the work. I believe in making my work speak for itself,” he added.



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