Gaming continues to increase amongst consumers a popular pastime when it comes to both passive and professional play, so the Nature’s Bounty Brain Health Platform supplement has been created to offer a hyper-targeted product with this in mind.

The supplement features a tasty jelly bean format to make it easy for players aged 18 and up to take, and will help to support brain health as well as additional cognitive functions without the need for caffeine. The supplement is formulated with L-theanine, Cognizn and lutein, and is meant to be taken up to twice a day at least 30-minutes prior to gaming.

Reigning Fortnite World Cup Champion and Game Awards Gamer of the Year Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf spoke on the new Nature’s Bounty Brain Health Platform supplement saying, “I’m all about products that help me game better, but I also want to feel good about what ingredients I’m putting in my body. That’s why I’m stoked to help launch Brain HP – it improves reaction time without the caffeine. I hope this partnership with Nature’s Bounty and Brain HP helps more gamers and streamers realize the importance of their health, and the impact it has on their career.”

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