Funny Face, who appeared in court and was summoned to go to Accra Psychiatric Hospital to receive mental treatment for exhibiting signs of depression, continued that ” I have to come close to losing my mind and be taking to da Psychiatric for your mother to bring you girls to see me to gain my sanity .. especially KIMBERLYN… Daddy had not seen u before until I almost lost my mind .. but when I held you dat day .. and u looked at me and smile.. girl .. all da anger in me, every pain in me, vanished into thin air .. and I was ever ready to lay my life down for you girls again“.

Speaking about his family in a long open letter, Funny Face quizzed that “How long are we humans living on dis earth for me not to give you girls a better start to life?” and added that “I can live in tatters, hustle and clean gutters to make sure u girls get da best of everything.. am ready to come marry ur mother and bring you girls home ever ready to sacrifice everything for ur happiness“.

I want you girls to look back and say what a father we had someday when am no more. A father who is and ever ready to sacrifice everything for our happiness .. oh yes! Daddy will be coming to KUMASI now “ KUMERICA “ ..soon! And trust me it’s gonna be beautiful… MUMMY will tell you girls .. DADDY is a warrior. DADDY is a fighter .. HE never gives up no matter what! Ready to do dis for u girls and ur Mother !! I LOVE YOU VANNESSA,” Funny Face added.

Concluding his letter in the post below, he said “Now just like a diamond .. DADDY have to go through all dis brutality almost losing my life .. to become “ DA PERFECT DAD “ for you girls. For life is for life just a matter of time soon we gonna be a Happy family again .. for everything I have been through… now I can look back and smile and say what an Awesome GOD we serve. It has and it’s bringing me to a perfect ending with you girls and ur Mother soon !! GIRLs DADDY IS BACK !!!! Ur lives comes first love you all and ur Mother“.

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