He later obtained his Bachelor’s degree in University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in Information Systems and went on to get his MBA from the University of Maryland.

FreeLance’s musical journey started around the age of six when he started reciting long Bible verses in Church. He also learned how to play musical instruments in church and has been an ardent drummer and dancer since childhood. As a child he was exposed to various kinds of music as influenced by his older siblings.

In the US, FreeLance became a member of the New Generation Gospel and later an original member of the Mental Iconz alongside his friends Aaron Joe, Manny Ca$h and kid Coupe. The Mental Iconz quickly became staples at the AKISAN Conventions in the US. They also performed together in several other events around the USA.

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FreeLance went on to pursue various solo endeavors and collaborations over the years including; “Eyen Ima” featuring MC Galaxy and Iceberg Slim, “Number One” featuring Morien, “Long tin” featuring Ill Rhymes and most recently “Gimme Love” featuring Kris Zaga. Freelance also has a plethora of underground songs including “Time is Money” ft. Keyyz, Gambino & Nardy, “She got a man” ft. Jay Cube, Breezy, and Iceberg Slim to name a few.

He has several other monikers common among his counterparts such as Free, Eyen Ima, KuFyDon, KuFyJay, Mr. Lance, etc. FreeLance is also an avid philanthropist and has partnered with others in several charitable projects under the Freelance Foundation.

FreeLance Free’s latest effort titled “Catch Up” is an ode to hard work and ambition. The song encourages all to put in the work necessary to achieve one’s goals but also to continually keep aiming higher every day. The song also addresses the need for humility in the midst of success; as no matter your level of achievement, there is always someone higher or something missing. “Catch Up” is the hustlers anthem for 2021.

“Catch Up” is produced by London, mix and mastered by the Loud Room Studios and GemstarPro. Visuals were shot by PJZ film and edited by Starpower Studio. The song is dedicated to the memory of Dokta Frabz, who worked closely with Freelance during his career and was the producer of “Eyen Ima” which featured MC Galaxy and Iceberg Slim.

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