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#FixTheCountry: People are into prostitution because Ghana jobs don’t pay well – Efia Odo

Captioning the video, the actress who has been championing the protest wrote “ I’m covered now is the water clean? Have jobs been created? Our leaders need to fix their mindsets so the country can be fixed, so the people can be fixed!“.

If you have a problem that people are campaigning for a better country then there is something wrong with you, if you are getting paid to dispute what we are doing then you are mentally not ok,” Efia Odo said.

She continued that “how can you be ok when children are drinking contaminated water, water with mercury, how is that ok with you? Why should be a political agenda because we want better for our Nation?

Commenting on the need why the government must fix the country, Efia Odo also noted that “ I am lucky, I get things for free because I promote it on social media, there are so many girls who want to work, not everybody wants to do prostitution, not everybody wants to f*ck to get some bucks“.

But some people have no choice because even teachers are getting paid GH400, GH700, GH250 a month, the minimum wage in Ghana is a dollar and 90 cents, it’s not minimum wage it is slavery,” Efia Odo added.

People are working hard for nothing so if you have a problem with us asking these questions and want the answers and wanting a revolution then you are sick in the head,” she continued.

According to Efia Odo, “this is not a political agenda, this is human rights, we deserve to have basic needs … we are only asking for things in the manifesto. We said we going to stop borrowing but we still borrowing, we are in debt“.

In the video below, she emphasized that “just fix the country, join the movement talk about what you face as a citizen of this country, talk about not getting a job to do, people are doing fraud and prostitution because chale they want to live a good life too because the normal jobs in this country are not going to pay“.

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