The just concluded JAMB mock examination was a success with little or no malfunctions or problems in the conduct of the examination, and we greatly hope that this will replicate itself in the examination on March 9th. We compiled simple tips that we have observed from the examination so as to ease your performance in the examination. Read the Five Quick Tips To Help You During JAMB UTME:

Tips to Help You During JAMB UTME

  • There will be 180 questions; 60 for English, 40 for each of the other subjects and the time duration of two hours. You should understand that speed, as well as accuracy matters. If you have been using the free utme past question website as well as the free utme practice software or app, the examination is should be simple enough.
  • If you are using the keyboard, here are the most important keys;N – To move to the next question
    P – To go back to the previous question
    A – To select option A on a question
    B – To select option B on a question
    C – To select option C on a question
    D – To select option D on a question
    S – To submit your exam (Be Careful)
    R – To Cancel Submit (and RETURN)

All the above will be stated before you start the exam, so you should read instructions properly before starting.

  • Please note that there are things that the Keyboard method does not offer you. In this case, you must use your Mouse (or track-pad). These are;1. If you need to switch from one subject to another. Like if you want to answer a particular subject before going to another.
  • If you need to use the on-screen calculator at the top right corner of your screen.The On-screen calculator will be available on the screen for candidates who will be taking subjects that involve calculations.
  • Candidates taking subjects that involve calculations are also advised to go along with a pencil and a copy or two of their exam slip in case JAMB fails to provide a plain sheet for rough calculations. JAMB is serious about the prohibited items. So ensure you do not go into the hall with such items.
  • the exam may commence later than expected as witnessed during the mock. This does not mean you should not go to the exam centre at least 30 minutes before the time stipulated on your Exam Slip. However, be sure to eat before going and go along with some cash in case of an eventuality.

Here are some additional tips to Help You During JAMB UTME:

Read the entire question

Ensure you read all of the questions before taking a look at the answer options. One mistake JAMB candidates usually make is that a lot of them may believe they know the answer to a question before reading it. Then go straight to picking the most ‘sensible’ answer. This can be a fatalistic error because it may cost you to fail a question. So ensure you read the question thoroughly.

First answer the question in your mind 

Smart students answer questions in their mind immediately after reading the question thoroughly and before checking out the options. This stops you from not considering the correct answer when picking the options.

Use elimination to clear wrong answers

The answer options you feel are wrong can be ‘eliminated’. It is a good way of selecting the correct answer and clearing away wrong answers. It is a step that will lead you to picking the right and accurate choice.

Pick the best answer

Ensure you choose the very best answer to the UTME question, it is not enough to pick what you seem is correct because so many answers will look correct but the best answer is what your examiner wants.

Answer the questions you know first

When you find it hard to give the correct answer to a question, to do spend too much time on it. Ensure you move on and tackle other questions, then you can return to it when you are through with the simple questions and saving time.

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