There’s something comforting about cheesy holiday movies that are full of cliches and knowing that people are craving heartwarming seasonal content, Lume Deodorant created a movie of its own called A Deodorant Day Prince. The viral video tells the story of falling in love with natural products, specifically, Lume’s aluminum-free, natural deodorant with full-body odor protection. In the span of a few minutes, viewers will see choirs ringing bells, baking in the kitchen, parades and appearances from Santa.

The six-minute holiday video captures plenty of holiday movie tropes and even introduces some fresh new versions of beloved songs. Intentionally designed look mimic the look and feel of holiday movies, the mini-movie presented by the “Tallmark Channel” was set in Utah and brought to fruition by local crew members who have previously worked on films for Hallmark.

Image Credit: Lume Deodorant

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