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Fermented Minced Vegetables – Tempeh Mince is the Latest product From Family-Owned Schouten Company (

The Dutch company, Schouten Europe, introduces the world to a fermented vegetable mince called Tempeh Mince. The family-owned company’s latest product is based on its own by-products. Schouten, a specialist in plant-based proteins, is responding to the increasing demand for sustainably made fermented products.

Tempeh Mince is set for availability across retailers, the out-of-home sector, and the food processing industry. Using by-products from other tempeh products from the Schouten range, the company prevents as much food waste as possible during the production of its minced vegetable meat alternative.

Schouten’s fermented vegetable mince is available in spicy and mild variants. Tempeh, the ancient vegetable protein source based on soy, is produced by fermenting soybeans ad contains 22 grains of protein per 100 grams. It is also rich in B vitamins, iron, minerals, and fiber.

Image Credit: Schouten Europe

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