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Fast Rising Star Uncle Vinny In Big Trouble (Video)


The dancer has been making waves in South Africa over the past few months for his funny but amazing dance steps, and he’s left many inspired also.

However, it looks like the fame is turning Uncle Vinny into something else after he was seen in a video shared by his associates, Major League DJz. The DJz shared a video of their most recent gig with Vinny and it looked huge as the crowd wanted them to give their best performances.

The crowd was fired up seeing Uncle Vinny serve his signature dance move which has garnered him to fame but things got ugly after Uncle Vinny threw a bottle at the happy crowd.

This didn’t go down well with netizens who caught a glimpse of the video on social media and they made sure Uncle Vinny notice their anger.

“Guys we love you, but respect your supporters! Why is your Vinny throwing bottles at people? The Disrespect! No Man,” reads a fan comment.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Uncle Vinny revealed he grew up in Hillbrow, where he developed his love for the game.

“I started doing theatre in Grade 4. I had the love of SA Hip Hop before I was introduced to Hip Hop. I’m more of a curious person. If I like something, I get to it fast. I just liked radio.” He continues.

“In Grade 7 we did this project in Hillbrow Theatre. We had a frequency where only people at the flat would be able to listen to radio. I tried radio in Grade 8 and they told me I was too young.” Then Bongani, who was a station manager at the time allowed Vinny to come and guest present. At the time they didn’t have a presenter for a teen show.



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