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Efia Odo Response To A Fan Who Said She Should Be Ready For An Autocratic Ghana


Efia Odo has responded to a Twitter fan who said she should be ready for an autocratic Ghana if she wants the country to like Rwanda.

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The controversial social media influencer and model had earlier compared the development of Ghana to an African country like Rwanda who is fast growing in almost every aspect of the country’s economy.

According to Efia Odo, it’s no secret a country like Rwanda after suffering so many atrocities in the country is fast growing in developments than a country like Ghana who has been enjoying ‘peace’ since its independence.

She went on to slam leaders of the two main political parties in the country National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) that instead of them to put their ideas together for the development of the country, they are just there fighting and competing each other.

A fan who took a stand in the tweet from the model replied her that if she wants Ghana to be fast developing like Rwanda, then she should be ready for an autocratic governance and bare in mind that any media firm that will criticize the government will be shut down.

If you want Ghana to be like Rwanda, then be ready for Autocratic Gov., No elections, whoever criticize the prez. will go to jail, no one can criticize the prez.. Any channel being use to to criticize must be closeddown. Don’t sit on your ass n do unnecessary comparison

Efia Odo came back to reply the fan quizzing the benefit the country has had since we started electing leaders over the years. She alleged that even the FixTheCountry protest they wanted to held came to a halt with the government doing everything possible to stop them.

Lol We’ve been electing presidents for how long now and what have they done for us ? We can’t even practice democracy bro! Common demonstration we want to do self they gave us an injunction.

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