Samuel Kofi Acheampong, CEO of ABN, whilst presenting the brand new white car to Ohemaa Woyeje, said “Ohemaa is being honoured today because of her work and her dedication towards making the brand a big one“.

He explained that “when we decided to come to Accra and we called on her, she gladly agreed to come on board and told us that she was willing to put in hard work to make the brand a successful one and today it is“.

Delivering a message from Dr Kwaku Oteng to the Angel FM presenter, he said “this is just to say thank you for all that she has been doing” and emphasized, “we believe that this step will motivate her to do more. We also believe that with her in our circle we will achieve greater successes“.

When people put in work, you also need to find ways of letting them know that you appreciate their deeds,” Samuel Kofi Acheampong concluded.

Excited Ohemaa Woyeje received the car with surprise, express her gratitude before test driving it immediately after it was presented to her.

Before this, Dr Kwaku Oteng who marked his birthday a few days also gifted Kuami Eugene a brand new Range Rover, to appreciate the relationship between them after the singer signed a deal to become a brands ambassador to a new product his beverage company produces.

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