In an interview with EBN, the “Bajo” hitmaker said his team didn’t snatch a microphone from DopeNation during a concert some months ago as the duo claims.

Rather, they lied to trend, and for this reason, he is not cool with them. “I’m not cool with DopeNation because they lied on my name,” he said.

On his team snatching the microphone from DopeNation during a show, he said: “I have no idea where that came from. And the thing with me is, I don’t like putting much energy into negative things. If you feel that’s what I’ve done to you, cool.”

When asked why he didn’t call DopeNation to resolve the issue, he stated: “No one called me when they went on TV to say some certain things about me that weren’t true so why should I call them to do that. I don’t want to relate to people like that at this point. Maybe, tomorrow, I’ll change my mind.”

He alleged that the former Lynx Entertainment signees tried to take the food off his table even though they are aware that music is what feeds his family.

“Someone is trying to take the food off my plate. This is what I do to feed my family. You know where I’m from. Before this, I had nothing. I had zero. And they were lying on my name just so they can trend.”

“If the song is good, I’ll collaborate with them,” he said on future collaborations.

Watch Kwesi Arthur blast DopeNation below.

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