He was answering a question on whether he has made money in music or not during an interview with Sammy Kay when he made this statement.

“Yes, I’ve made money, because I came from nothing,” the “Nyedzilo” hitmaker revealed when asked if he’s made money in music. “You see, I see things differently. I used to live in a single room with no roofing sheet and mattress on the floor. So, once I no longer live there, I’ve made money.”

He said people should stop putting pressure on themselves when they see others progress and focus on the little progress they achieve in life.

“People talk about making money by comparing themselves with who they see making money. But you see, being okay is about the small changes that are happening in your life over time. So, when a truck pusher who was carrying coconut on the truck moves to a container kiosk, it means he has made money. Because he is making progress.”

“So, people shouldn’t stress themselves. Once you are making progress, you are good, and the next man’s progress doesn’t matter. The feeling the person who buys Benz gets is the same feeling a teacher who buys Picanto gets. Stop giving yourself pressure,” he explained.

He concluded: “I mean it is okay to have a mansion and glorify God but don’t use the mansion to make someone feel less. because we have seen mansions that aren’t mansions anymore.”

Watch the full interview below.

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