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Dissolving Probiotic Melts – GoodBelly To Go Fast Melts are Shelf-Stable Probiotic Powders (

GoodBelly To Go Fast Melts are a new line of quick-dissolving, shelf-stable fruity probiotic powder products that conveniently dissolve in the mouth for on-the-go health support. Available in two varieties, strawberry for immune system support and lemon for digestive support, the melts can be poured directly into the mouth so that their benefits can easily be received. Thanks to their format and packaging, the sachets are easy to pack or tear and pour into blended beverages.

While the GoodBelly To Go Immunity Fast Melts contain one billion beneficial live cultures, the GoodBelly To Go Digestion Fast Melts are made with a probiotic strain that’s trusted for balancing the gut and supporting a healthy digestive system.

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