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Die Hard Fans Of Fatima Gush Over Her Incredible New Hairstyle (Photo)


Fatima has always made it clear that her unique unbraided hairstyle is her signature look, and she won’t be changing it anytime soon amid persistent query by fans of whether she would ever change her look.

But it looks like Fatima has finally succumbed to the pressure from fans to try something new, judging from her recent look.

In a recent Instagram post, the TV reality star is seen wearing a wig and to be fair it really looks good on her.

However, she made it clear that it won’t last for long and hinted her intention to go back to her old looks very soon.

See post below:

Meanwhile, recently Fatima got social media in a frenzy state after finally getting a date on Date Rush.

None of us saw it coming but it really show that God is not man to fail. Avid viewers of ‘Date Rush’ would have laughed off if they were told Fatima will get a date on the show but it is now a reality.

Fatima has always find faults in every guy who comes on the show. Even when she finds no fault with the guys who come on the show, she will still intentionally turn off her rush for fear the guy will reject her because he is too good for her.

No one can blame her much because even the rare times she chooses to leave her rush on to be chosen, she gets turned down so trust us when we say we did not see this coming.

Last week episode was not the night God came through for her. Many couldn’t believe their eyes because we did not know the gentleman in question had it in him to choose Fatima.



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