Forbes’ have released their top-10 list of the Highest-Paid Athletes.

Forbes have released their World’s 10 Highest-Paid Athletes with UFC star Connor McGregor number one.

According to the report, McGregor used his popularity in the UFC to build lucrative businesses.

The Irish fighter made a total of $180m in the last year, with most of the earnings coming from the sale of his majority stake in whiskey brand Proper No. Twelve.

Only three footballers made the list, with Lionel Messi in the second position with $130m. He made money from sponsorship deals with Adidas and his clothing.

Cristiano Ronaldo is third with $120m with earnings from his CR7 business of branded clothing, accessories, hotels and gyms.

American football star Dak Prescott is fourth with $107.5m, while NBA legend LeBron James comes in fifth.

James made $96.5m from the deal with PepsiCo and his earnings on the field.

Tennis legend Roger Federer made $90m with earnings from sponsorships with Rolex, Credit Suisse and Uniqlo.

Formula One reigning champion Lewis Hamilton made $82m in the last years with bonuses from his racing wins and endorsements with Tommy Hilfiger, Monster Energy and Puma.

In the last year, NFL great Tom Brady made $76m from endorsements with eyewear brands Christopher Cloos and apparel giant Fanatics.

Another NBA star Kevin Durant rounds up the list with $75m in earnings from cashing out from his investments in Postmates.

Connor McGregor $180

Lionel Messi $130

Cristiano Ronaldo $120m

Dak Prescott $107.5m

LeBron James $96.5m

Neymar $95m

Roger Federer $90m

Lewis Hamilton $82m

Tom Brady $76m

Kevin Durant $75m

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