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Complete Vegetable Beverage Pouches – SaladPower Combines Healthy Ingredients with Convenience (

Though most consumers understand the importance of getting enough vegetables in a day, many struggle to actually get every serving in, however with SaladPower’s handy smoothie pouches, they can quickly reach the recommended dose in just a few sips.

Described as a “complete solution for daily vegetables that tastes amazing with no prep and no cleanup,” each of SaladPower’s organic smoothies contains two times the recommended daily serving of vegetables, without any added sugar, flavoring, or anything else. All of the ingredients that go into the smoothies are clearly displayed on the front of every pouch, providing a transparent guide that consumers can use to inform their healthy eating habits.

SaladPower’s ‘Complete Daily Veggies’ can be purchased online in packs of six.

Image Credit: SaladPower

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