The Vaginal Health Kit from Love Wellness is “a kit of thoughtfully paired personal care products for balancing and maintaining a healthy vaginal tract.” The kit includes The Killer (Boric Acid Suppositories), pH Balancing Cleanser, Good Girl Probiotics, Perfect Condition Vitamin, and the Mini Do It All Wipes 3-pack.

The Killer is a doctor-developed vaginal suppository made with a single ingredient. The pH Balancing Cleanser helps keep the vulva (the external genitalia) clean without disrupting vaginal flora and pH levels. The Good Girl Probiotics help support three key areas: reproductive health organs, the immune system, and the gut. The Perfect Condition Vitamin, boasting Tumeric and coconut oil, was created to maintain Candida yeast system-wide levels (from the gut to the vaginal tract). Lastly, the kit includes the Mini Do It All Wipes to clean the vulva safely.

The Vagial Health Kit will appeal to consumers looking to improve their vaginal health through internal and external treatments. The kit’s all-encompassing products are simple and easy to understand, appealing to Millennial and Gen Z consumers just beginning to explore this space.

Image Credit: Love Wellness

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