Young and daring comedienne Jacinta, within some hours now has been flooding the internet.

The reason for this is about to be laid out clearly for you, for you to get why such a calm and collected comedienne is currently on the trends on social media especially Instagram. The comedienne is from both Nigeria and Ghana but has a Nigerian accent more which goes a long way to aid her in comic delivery.

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In these times where female celebrities and famous people often show their bodies, you will hardly find comedienne Jacinta following such trait, because she usually comes out clean and neat and not showing off too much skin. But this recent pic of her’s has got her trending because it is out of the usual of her. Showing skin or sharing a semi nvde pic is not a thing for Jacinta but this time around she broke her own rule.


She recently shared a photo where her melons were on full display, and as if that wasn’t enough, going down there, her beads were also displayed s3ductively. After this post, bloggers began picking it up and sharing it all along, making the comedienne trend which is quite unusual of her.

Photo below;



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