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CBD Tobacco Alternatives – Metolius Hemp Created the First CBD & CBG Pre-Rolls, Called River Rolls (

Metolius Hemp is a leading brand in the CBD industry. The brand organically and regeneratively farms CBD and CBG (cannabigerol) hemp to produce its line of high-quality ‘cannagars’ (hemp cigars). The goal is to provide an effective tobacco alternative.

The Oregon-based company stands out in the non-psychoactive cannabis market with its coined NoBacco Movement. Metolius aims to help tobacco users “reduce or replace tobacco” consumption by using the company’s CBD & CBG hemp flower instead. In addition, the company is working on studies that prove that the medical properties of cannabis could help curb the cravings for nicotine. As an incentive for tobacco users to make the switch, Metolius is offering discounted rates on its subscription-based model.

Image Credit: Marijuana Times

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