DJ Speedsta recently dissed the Amapiano genre as a whole saying the DJ’s play the same songs at every gig.

“Piano DJ’s all play the same songs. John wick 4 times a night,” he said.

His comment didn’t go down well with many Amapiano lovers who rained insults on him whiles others attacked his career saying Amapiano is more relevant.

Cassper is a huge fan of the Yanos and he has featured in numerous projects joined the masses to defend the genre.

He then took up the comment of a Twitter user who was dissing Speedsta by saying the Yanos has opened a whole lot of doors for people. Unlike the “gatekept” Hip Hop, Amapiano is allowing many people to gain an income and has taken music to a whole new level.

Cassper retweeted the comment and also wrote “Amen” to the tweep’s comment.

“Amapiano as an emerging genre is paining a lot of hip-hop artists like DJ Speedsta. Unlike the gatekeeped hip-hop industry, the Amapiano industry is making a whole lot of artists eat which is beautiful to see. Either you embrace this authentic South African sound or keep quiet,” the tweep wrote.



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