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Captain Smart disobeyed Dr Kwaku Oteng that’s why he was suspended – Ohemaa Woyeje

After seeing the letter of the suspension, I realized that it was quite different from the information out there about GRA issues,” she said in an interview with Ghana blogger, Zion Felix.

She continued that “according to the letter that I saw and read from Dr Kwaku Oteng, the message in there was different from what was told to the public on the Metro (TV) interview“.

Detailing what pushed Captain Smart to be suspended from Angel FM, she said “apparently, Dr Kwaku Oteng wanted him to address issues without insulting people no matter what” and there had been prior conversations.

According to her, the owner of the station was hoping that there would be a change “but Smart didn’t listen. Once it continued, Oteng had a decision to make as a businessman. He didn’t want the situation to affect his other companies“.

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