In an effort to compete with rival music streaming platforms, Apple Music launched ten new Apple Music playlists aimed at Gen Z.

The new playlists aimed at Gen Z range in music styles, with one being comprised solely of songs that have gone viral on social media apps like TikTok. “Social media hasn’t just changed how we communicate, but also what we listen to and how we hear it,” says Apple. The nature of the “viral song market” means there is no set schedule to when the ‘Viral Hits’ playlist will be updated but will be based on editorial selection.

Other playlists by Apple Music focus on cross-genre selections, music by mood, and emerging artists and sound with titles like Lifted, Wildflower, Glow, and Superbloom, among others. The brand is also releasing 24 new playlists focused on helping all users “center and find a few moments of calm.”

Image Credit: Shutterstock

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