The winner of the fourth season of Big Brother Naija made this known during a question and answer session with her fans via her YouTube channel.

“First of all, a breakup happened. We are done like done done done. I see a lot of people say it is part of their stunt, listen, I don’t stunt, you see that ship? It sank a long time ago,” she said.

“I’m in a happy place, he is good, he is living up, I’m good, I’m living up and I think we should just put an end to this. Stop flooding my timeline with this silly question. We are over. So let’s just keep it moving, we are done.”

She also revealed that her relationship with Ike was over.

However, the couple spent time together during Mercy’s 27th birthday in 2020.

Eke and Ike became an item after their time during the fourth season of Big Brother Naija.

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