The BioRomper is a unisex full-body garment that takes its inspiration from the hyper-cautious travel outfits crafted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, while supplying them with a fashion-forward design that makes for a highly versatile outfit that can seamlessly go from a plane seat to the city streets.

While travelers have gone as far as zipping themselves into makeshift plastic coverings to avoid germs on flights, the BioRomper presents a much more fashionable and functional alternative. The suits, available in both Jet Black and Aviator Green colorways, are made with a recycled fabric that combines polyester and spandex, and are then coated in an antimicrobial treatment. This makes the suit comfortable for all-day wear, and helps it to combat the germs that might be present on airplane and transit seats, or any other commonly touched surfaces. With the BioRomper, consumers can feel litter safer in areas where there’s a higher risk for the transmission of COVID-19.

The BioRomper is available for purchase online, where shoppers looking to invest in antimicrobial apparel to help maintain their peace of mind in the “new normal” can find one in their size.

Image Credit: BioRomper

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