The dream of every UTME candidate is to come out of the examination hall, smiling after Answering JAMB Questions Like A Pro and at a subsequent time, this reflected in his/her result. Won’t it be a thing of joy to seat throughout the examination without sweating out because of the simplistic nature of the questions? That’s exactly when you begin Answering JAMB Questions Like A Pro. Do you want to know to Answering JAMB Questions Like A Pro? Let’s show you below.

Answering JAMB Questions Like A Pro

Answering JAMB Questions Like A Pro

Multichoice questions, commonly called obj ( or objective questions) is the basic questioning technique, and for you to start Answering JAMB Questions Like A Pro, you must understand this. So which strategy do you have to adopt in order to actualize your motive of Answering JAMB Questions Like A Pro and emerge successful after the examination?

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Understand each question

This is the easiest task in your bid to start Answering JAMB Questions Like A Pro, the funniest thing is that most students find it difficult to abide by that rule. It seems this is very difficult for JAMB candidates to do.

Two factors are responsible for failure in JAMB UTME :

  1. lack of preparation: This is when JAMB candidates do not bother to read for their examination. Sheer hard work is responsible for success and nothing else. So, studying is inevitable if you want to start Answering JAMB Questions Like A Pro. It’s not just about occupying yourself with the idea that you are reading. That’s self-delusion. Be serious with studying and do it smartly, with the right study tools.
  2. Sheer carelessness: This factor is even more prevalent than inadequate preparation. You have to understand the question first before answering. Most students fall into the trap of misunderstanding a question, before even answering.

In order to not fall into the trap of misunderstanding questions, you have to with all disposition of caution and prudence, watch out for this question pattern:

  • “Which is NOT…”
  • Questions with more than one possible answer
  • “All of the above” as an answer
  • “None of the above” as an answer
  • “All of the following EXCEPT…”

Ensure you dutifully watch out for those tricky question pattern.

Find the relationship between answers and the question

When you have fully understood the question, then you have to begin a swift analysis of answers. The kind of answers will give a clue. So, you have to revert back to rechecking the question, if the answer shocks or surprises you.

Studying with seriousness will means you will have a little problem with this section. Though intriguing questions may spring up, but remember you are Answering JAMB Questions Like A Pro, so cower not.

But the basic summary of this section is that ensure the answers connect to the question to which you have been asked.

Eliminate clearly the wrong answer

The elimination method is to obj questions, what striking is to football match. Yes, you will find some absurdly incorrect questions. You may be asked ‘5 + x = 10, find x’

In the options, you may find something like ’47’. Which is highly incorrect. Just sieve out all the answers that are wrong and the right answer will remain. This is the key to answering Answering JAMB Questions Like A Pro.

Make an educated guess

You can make an educated guess for questions you are not conversant with. This works especially when you are out of time and it is better than just leaving your answer sheet blank.

Pay attention to these words

Concentrate on some of the words that are found in the question. JAMB questions always have words like ‘not’, ‘sometimes’, ‘never’ and ‘always’. They have a tendency to confuse candidates.

Final note

In conclusion, every JAMB candidate is supposed to invest time and energy adequately in preparation so that no question will surprise him or her.  If you are not properly prepared, you may be misled into picking the wrong answers.

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