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She said that nudity and insanity on social media are becoming a major issue in the country and as such, a sentence was to be given to serve as a lesson to all those who are involved.

The social media space is being flooded with explicit content which turns out to corrupt the younger generation, detracting them of the sole dignity. People have been criticized for their actions but none has been made to face the consequences that come along with it since it is against the law to do that.

Christiana Cann said that one should be cautious when sharing anything in the public space because when one is brought before the court, he/she will not be spared.

The actress is being set as an example after she was sentenced to 90 days imprisonment. This was after she shared a nude photo of herself alongside her seven-year-old on Instagram.

She was facing three charges of the publication of obscene materials, domestic violence by undermining the integrity and detracting the dignity of her son.

However, her lawyer, Andrew Vortia has revealed that he will be filing for an appeal after he receives a response from the court on Monday.



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