Ghanaians are calling for the arrest of Afia Schwarzenegger after a viral photo of her kissing her son on the lips surfaced online.

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Well. Afia Schwarzenegger has been playing the role of the devil’s advocate following Akuapem Poloo’s sentence. The controversial social media personality has been spotted in viral video jubilating and condemning Ghanaians calling for her release.

Recall on Okay FM with Abeiku Santana, Afia stated that Akuapem Poloo had no right to show her nakedness to her son, thus, she needs to be punished for proving to be a bad parent.

Some Ghanaians lambasted her and are calling for her arrest after she was also spotted in a photo kissing her son on the lips.

Also, one of her twins came out to say that Ghanaians should not justify the mistake of others with his mother’s actions towards his brother. He said that his brother is of age and so, he was aware of what was happening and allowed his mother to kiss her on the lips.


In reaction to this, Afia Schwarzenegger has come out to back her son by saying she doesn’t give a f*ck what Ghanaians say about the photo. According to her, she is being hated for her honesty.

She said that Ghanaian celebrities are using their energy for the wrong stuff rather than focusing on promoting their craft.

She added that the petition to get Akuapem Poloo out of jail could have been used to prompt the President to open theatres and cinemas in order for the industry to bounce back to its feet but rather, they use their energies to promote unnecessary things like calling for her arrest and the release of the actress.

Watch the video below:



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