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Actress Candice Modiselle Response To The Desperate Call Of A Young Woman Battling Cystic Fibrosis


The Queen actress Candice Modiselle has once again proven that beyond her elegant beauty lies her kind heart after she responded to the cry of a lady battling a disease called Cystic Fibrosis.

The young lady tweeted that she needed sanitary towels at the hospital, urging anyone who could help her to come through for her.

“Good morning, anyone to visit me with a pack of pads please didn’t anticipate staying for this long. this is going to be my home for some. Brenthurst hospital.” The lady wrote.

Within some few hours , she shared a photo of herself and Candice, thanking the actress for coming through for her.

“You guys, she came and got me flowers too and she’s so sociable basically loud just like me. I’m so blessed, thank you for the continuous support, I always tell people I’m a Twitter’s child because you all mother me so well I’m so grateful @CandieModiselle Thank you,” she tweeted.

Many netizens took to her comment section to thank Candice for her kind gesture towards the young lady.

Kushida responded: “Wow, I’m smitten by the love from the Twitter family, really we can conquer anything with such unity and Ubuntu @CandieModiselle May God shower you with His loving-kindness all the time.”


Lindafortunate: “Thank you very much for helping Candie, May God continue to bless you, thank you for putting a smile on our girl”

Speaking about her act of benevolence in a Twitter thread, Candice said people are struggling with different things and urged others who are more fortunate to show a little more kindness.

“It goes without saying that everyone is struggling with something. Grief, trauma, fear, crippling uncertainty about the future, and instability amongst many things. Life, particularly in SA, is TOUGH right now. The least you could do is move with kindness and compassion.” The actress wrote.

“And I know KINDNESS isn’t necessarily popular on this here bird app. But for people that know the daily struggles most encounter, we can afford to put the clout-chasing mean-spirited tweets on hold. Everyone is just trying to get by at this point.”



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