Siv got applauded when he took his activism for queer people to another level by going drag and introduced his altar ego, Sivanna to the world.

However after choosing to remain silent on the recent deaths of queer people, the actor has been called out by the LGBTQ+ community for doing and saying absolutely nothing.

What frustrates some the most is that Siv get sponsorships and bag deals, while the real queer people get subjected to hate crimes and bullying on a daily basis.

Check some reactions from tweeps below:

“When Siv Ngesi wears a dress, he gets applauded for his ‘bravery’ and gets paid for it. And then he goes back to his normal life. We get killed for doing the exact thing. We will hold him accountable every chance we get, you can bet your homophobia on it.


“He has benefited financially for being affiliated or associating himself with our community for years and no one, and I mean NO ONE but his friends can tell you about the “work” he’s done for community.

“Allies like Siv Ngesi serve to derail the conversations and cause. That’s the only work he does for this community, to make things about him and he will have the heterosexuals defending him and feel validated. He never calls them out for policing us. He likes being the victim.”



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