As WNBA teams selected talents from the colleges, Nigerian-American Michaela Onyenwere was selected as the sixth pick by the New York Liberty.

Getting drafted by a top team in any sports in America is a life-changing opportunity and often attracts celebration.

Onyenwere’s grandmother has gone viral due to her celebration on Thursday night. The 21-year-old had her whole family together for the Draft, and as they celebrated her selection, her Nigerian mother stole the show.

Standing up in a traditional Nigerian ensemble complete with a gorgeous yellow wrapper and intricately tied Gele, to say, “I’m grandma!” before breaking into a joyful dance.

It would quickly become one of the highlights, if not the highlight of the Draft night on social media.

That’s my grandma for ya,” Onyenwere said on Twitter, reacting to the viral moment.

Born in Colorado, America, Onyenwere is the daughter of former Nigerian athlete Peter Onyenwere who migrated to the United States with his wife to start their family.

Peter was a sprinter for Nigeria and won a clutch of medals. He gave one of those medals, which he won at the 1979 Imo State Sports Festival held in Owerri, to his daughter Onyenwere when she first started college.

“I’m passing the mantle to her,” Peter told the LA Times in December 2019.

Continuing her family tradition, Onyenwere first tried track and in middle school tried swimming, volleyball track, and basketball.

She has since established herself as a fine basketball talent and has now been selected to play in the top league.

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