He dedicates this 6 wonderful tracks EP to his childhood friend and late music producer, Small Slekky.

As a matter of fact, the singer’s first single ‘Umu Iyoo (Nkolo)‘ comes in a Hip-Hop style that stresses his stance for getting all the pleasurable things of life and all he desires. The brilliance in the production and the swift blend of the indigenous style to English cannot be overlooked.

He then proceeds to the second track ‘Okalumu‘ where he reveals he prefers to evolve alone rather than rely on people. Again, the singer’s swift blend of vocals cannot be overlooked.

2weird decided to spice up and do a change of genre from hip-hop to Afrobeat in this third track. ‘Metele,’ as it is titled, is a better gbedu with pleasurable lyrics and beat to get you up your feet. Though, he delivers in his unique style which in reference affirms his ‘Okalumu’ track.

Further, the singer goes spiritual on his next track as he takes the 4mins single in a gospel spin. ‘Otito’ sees 2weird praising the Almighty in his fullness with a blend of cultural beat and local dialect.

Unapologetic about it, 2weird eulogizes his maker with his spirit lifted up and his soul singing in fullness. In a nutshell, 2weird has proven he has what it takes to soar high and wide in this ever-challenging industry.

He is a product of great talent and a bright future in his career is clearly within his domain.

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